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Secret forest - Printed at thick (xxxg) matt Fine Art paper. Sizes 20x30cm, 30x40cm och 40x50cm. For other opinions please contact me

Kopia av Secret forest - Fine Art

50,00 €Pris
  • Secret forest - Printed at thick (xxxg) matt Fine Art paper. Sizes 20x30cm, 30x40cm och 40x50cm. For other opinions please contact me

  • "It has been raining a lot lately, big water drops have fallen from the sky and created small lakes on the ground. A cold wind has blown outside and the fields have been covered by frost during the early mornings. It is the end of autumn and the leaves have left the trees pale and naked. Nature has started to prepare itself for the long winter. A cold and dark season with only a few hours of daylight here in the north, but also a season with small moments of magic like frost and ice. I always used to hate winter but this year I have decided to see the beauty in all seasons. To embrace the change in nature and let it inspire me."

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