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Vera & Tom cinematic couple session at home - Stockholm

A cold day in February, I was welcomed to Vera and Tom's home in Stockholm. The wind that was blowing outside was completely forgotten when I stepped into their cozy apartment. We sat down for a cup of tea, talked and spent the late afternoon photographing to the tones of music. Vera and Tom are such warm people and kind people and on this day they got to enjoy some alone time, something they haven't had too often since having children. We created beautiful date and images that felt like scenes out of their own romantic movie.

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Wow!! This looks like its from a movie. The shot of him doing her hair just makes me swoon.


These photos are so cinematic and dreamy—I'm obsessed. I love that you started by sitting and sipping tea so you could get comfy with each other before getting started. They just look so comfortable and happy. So inspiring!

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