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Hi I'm Amanda!

I'm a creative and adventures girl based in Finland, northern Europe that love the art of storytelling. Photography is my biggest passion and so thankful for being able having that as my job!

I'm inspired by nature and enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

For me is photography more then capturing beautiful moments it's about creating an experience and telling a Storie. It's about making memories. No matter if it's hiking in the mountains or seeing the sunrise at the coastline I'm all in. 

I want you to not just see your photos I want you to feel them, like they were scenes out of your own romantic movie! 



Dolomites, Austria, Switzerland


Ireland, Tuscany


Lofoten, Italy, Dolomiterna


Iceland, Lofoten, Madeira, Milos (Greece), Italy, Portugal, Nya Zeeland, Switzerland, Oregon coast, Yosemite, CA, Utah

Travelling is a big part of my life and something I love. I'm more than happy to travel to you or wherever you wanting to create art! I offer a discounted package for my bucketlist locations. If you are interested in some of them I would love to chat more!

When I'm not capturing you in pictures I'm passionate about creating art and a feeling through self portraits

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